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Blaylock Guest House Wedding

Maegan’s family has deep roots in Trail B.C and the surrounding area and they were thrilled by her engagement to Byron. There were so many giggles on their wedding day is was contagious.

They were honoured to have their ceremony on the property of the Teck Cominco guest house. It was built in the 1930’s for the first manager, Selwyn Blaylock who later built a bigger Mansion in Nelson B.C called Blaylock’s manor. It has beautiful original hardwood flooring, servant quarters, and open foyer to a grand staircase, it wasn’t hard to be creative with the warm lighting pouring in from the windows.

Teck has never allowed wedding’s there before since the house is used for visiting company officials only, that’s why we were completely honoured.

As the hot summer day in July went on, there was a beautiful lunch spread in Warfield hosted by close family and friends.

Afterwards we headed down to Trail B.C and took some shots in the Bike Alley, behind Shoppers Drug Mart.

We also went to visit a precious family member who was unable to make it to the ceremony, lots of tears and laughter and memorable moments.

As the sunset and the evening went on, it was so much fun to watch them cut the cake made by a family member (and it was to die for! yummy!). Patio lights we're strung everywhere in the room to make a nice romantic feel, and the music was hoppin', a fun photo booth area AND there was even a candy bar!!

Their first dance was romantic, straight out of a movie. The father/daughter dance was emotional, even I had to hold back tears. Meagan & Byron had a slide show with slides of childhoods and during their dating days. They included their ceremony photos for those who couldn't make it. It was beautiful done.

I'm super happy for both of you guys, and congrats again on your new adventures!

Star Wars Theme Wedding? YES, Please!

When you combine a Bride and Groom and a small hint of a nerd theme wedding, I'll be all over that! Tina & Jeromy knew each other for a longtime now but lead different lives. Finally more than 2 decades later, they decided to get to know each other a little more.

On a Beautiful sunny day in a small town of Fruitvale B.C Canada, nestled in the West Kootenays. They said their vows, exchanged rings, lots of high fives around and just like that a beautiful longtime friendship turned into a great love.

With a little subtle Star Wars theme wedding, it was great and not over done! Chocolate bar molds, cufflings, Red and Black colors, Cake knife and even the Cake had a small hinted theme. It was such an honor to capture the precious moments for them.

Congrats guys!

He swept her off her feet, literally!

Nothing like watch magic moments happen before you! Lance and Macy have been together for a while now, and they have been planning a wedding in the background. But he’s actually hasn’t officially asked her.

One day, like any other Friday, Macy thought she was going on a “engagement” shoot with me. Little did she know Lance had bigger plans. Trying to conceal the big plan, she was clueless as we drove into a muddy, ugly parking lot for a helicopter company.

“What are we doing here?!” and then followed by “Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!” 14 million times. Lance was smiling, I was laughing and keeping my mouth shut as its not my place to say anything. We climbed into the Helicopter and before you know it, we lifted off!

Flying over creeks and rivers, small towns, and over mountains. Then the Valhalla’s appeared flying over a mountain ridge. They are majestic. Packed, untouched snow blanket the rocky mountains.

We landed on the glacier for a brief stop. We jumped out in 3 feet of snow. Trekking through the deep powdered snow, Lance and Macy went for a stroll, Popped the question every girl wants to hear. Smiles, and Tears, and a YES was involved.

After a quick 15 minute photo shoot (because it was freezing!!) we headed back to the chopper. As the light descended and with a tour around over Baldface Lodge, then whisked away back through Nelson B.C. It was an amazing experience, especially a proposal of the year!

Congrats Lance & Macy.

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