Groom Photobombs His Own Wedding

Yep, you read that title correctly. I adore goofy & silly couples. It really sets the mood for the whole day. Being that it was August, in Rossland BC, during the Wildfires, the weather was great!

I love everything about this wedding. Olivia & Spencer knew each other for a longtime and are great together. We had so many laughs throughout the day. From the first look, to ceremony to portraits. Olivia is a Makeup artists in Penticton and she looked gorgeous!

The outdoor wedding was located at the Red Stone Golf Resort in Rossland B.C, and had a beautiful timber archway for the ceremony. Close friends and family came from all over Canada to spend time with Olivia & Spencer. The golf course was a beautiful location for family formal photos and wedding party pictures.

We scheduled in for a break time and drove down to Trail to Starbucks for coffee time! Farraro Foods welcomed us and the staff and starbucks were super friendly. Then it was off to dinner & reception in Fruitvale at the Memorial Hall for some epic dancing!

Thanks for letting me and Braeden to spend time with you and your family!

Cherry Tree Wedding

At Nikki's grandparents house there is a large cherry tree that Nikki would climb into as a kid. She had great memories being on her grandparents property. No doubt that when she got engaged she wanted to have her wedding there.

It was a beautiful day in Fruitvale BC for an outdoor backyard wedding. All of Nikki and Justin's friends and family were there for the big day. The bridal party all had bright summer colours, and the bridesmaids each wore a different color and the groomsmen had matching colours with the bridesmaids.

Nikki's grandpa did the ceremony talk and officiating. It was a sweet moment when he forgot Justin's name :)

I wished Nikki and Justin lived closer to me, they are a kind, sweet couple that you just want to be around. The family was just as welcoming and caring that made you feel part of the family. Congrats you two!

Creston Greenhouse Wedding

Ceremony at a greenhouse? Yes, please! With spring in the air and flowers in bloom, it was a great idea for an outside ceremony at Morris Greenhouse in Creston BC. Super sunny and blue sky made it a perfect day for a wedding day.

Not only did Brittany and Chris get married but Chris also officially Adopted Brittany’s son, who stole the whole show with his lovable personality and smiles. It was a nice small wedding with close family and friends and reception to follow at the Creston Hotel and the food was delicious! Hmmmm prime rib (Drooling)

Who loves donuts? Who loves donuts and wedding Cake, where they had vanilla and chocolate option!? The pastry shop in Creston made an incredible piece of art that was edible.

As the dance floor was lit up and donuts were being eaten, they had a beautiful love between them that will last forever. Congrats you two!!

Happy 8 and 1/2

Cory and Tammy met in Merrit BC and got married 8 years ago. He loves hockey and she loves birds but they have a great love between them.

Naturally golden hour is my favourite time to take photos. Outside of Fruitvale, there’s a beautiful open field and they goofed around and we played games until the mosquitoes found us. They are super adorable together!

Happy 8th and more anniversaries to go!

Batman Vs Catwoman

This year at Calgary comic expo, I had the privilege of taking Cosplayers Graham and Cera photos. They are the sweetest married couple who were such troopers for surviving a hot day in black costumes. No doubt myself and another Calgary photographer Jay Caption found some nice shade for them on the stampede grounds.

I’m a big Batman fan with Catwoman as the love interest (did you know that Batman actually asked Catwoman to marry him in the comics recently??). The first time I saw Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman returns, I signed up for gymnastic classes so that I could do back handsprings! (don’t ask me to do them now Hahahaha). Every woman wanted to be Catwoman!

If you don’t cosplay or make any costumes, it’s hard to describe how much hard work and research goes into doing work. A lot of hours go into it, whether you buy a costume and tweak it from there, or start from scratch. Graham and Cera spent a lot of time on their details and they looked amazing!

I had such a blast with the Calgary Batman and his Catwoman and would love to do again next year!!!

Mountain Top Wedding

When you're invited to a Ski Mountain in the summertime, it isn't something you say 'no' to. You don't think, you say "YES!". During the winter months at SilverStar Mountain Resort is booming & busy with snowboarders, skiers, ice skaters, happy people on tubes & sleds, little kids on skis that can't stop...(come on! you know what I'm talking about!!)

But this was Summertime in the mountains. Peaceful. Quiet. Fresh air. You can hear birds singing, wild flowers are blooming, deer in the distance.

High above the Okanagan valley floor in beautiful British Columbia, It was a picturesque scenery.

A ceremony conducted in a Gazebo under the hot sun, Pine trees dancing in the breeze and Blue mountains in the distance.

I was very easily distracted by the beauty around me.

SilverStar resort is where Lance and Macy had their first official date, downhill Mountain biking.

A year later, they're back here where it all started. Such beautiful people with a great adventure ahead of them.

After a relaxing intimate evening at The Den Bistro at SilverStar Resort, We raced home for the Reception a couple days later in the Groom's hometown, Fruitvale B.C located in the West Kootenays.The dance floor was never empty.

Later on we had a chance to tour around the West Kootenays for a 2nd photoshoot of some of Lance and Macy's favourite places. Tulip Creek water falls, Castlegar footbridge, and some local fields. The lightning was just right ;)

You know you guys rock and was such a pleasure to hang out with from Engagement to Ceremony, to Reception :)

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